Top 10 most notable expert requests for September 2020

Written by Lakshmi Piette, Associate Project Manager, 1 October 2020

In today’s highly competitive market, it’s crucial to set yourself apart. From investigating trends in precision livestock farming to exploring the development of novel targeted alpha-emitting radiotherapeutics, discover how some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies leveraged expert insights to get ahead in our Top 10 most notable expert requests for September 2020.


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1. Subject matter experts shed light on laboratory information systems

A strategy consultancy conducting market research on laboratory information systems (LIS) – software that records, manages, and stores data for clinical laboratories – asked us to connect them with subject matter experts who could shed light on the software. The customer was particularly interested in speaking with specialists in the UK and Australia, experienced in pathology and who had insight on what their organisation’s key purchasing criteria are for LIS.

Fuelled by speed, our AI search technology identified, vetted and connected the customer with precision-matched experts on the same day that they submitted their request. Our AI’s ability to rapidly connect our customers with experts is down to our Knowledge Graph. It gives us a global overview of the knowledge landscape, enabling us to quickly identify the most relevant specialists for a customer’s project. 


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Developed by our tech team, the Knowledge Graph records the relationships between experts, institutions, online media, and semantic concepts, giving a global, real-time overview of the whole knowledge landscape.


Some of the subject matter experts the customer engaged with to supplement their market research were a:

  • Rapid Response Laboratory Manager at a leading provider of pathology and diagnostic services with over 21 years of experience in pathology.
  • Laboratory Manager at a cutting-edge organisation which provides public pathology and forensic services to health and justice systems.


2. Specialists’ expertise on precision livestock farming enable consultancy to break from the herd

In livestock farming, the number of animals tends to exceed the number of farm workers, making it difficult for farmers to monitor and look after all of their livestock. Thus, emerging technologies are necessary to manage many animals by a small number of people. In recent years, precision livestock farming (PLF) – smart technology that enables individual animals to be monitored more closely – has become the go-to solution.

A healthcare strategy consultancy exploring trends and the competitive landscape in PLF for dairy and beef cattle in the US, UK, Brazil, Australia, Germany and New Zealand needed to engage with local subject matter experts who could share their expertise on the advanced, real-time monitoring technologies. 

Leveraging our tech, we sourced the specialists the consultancy requested, enabling them to get the insights they needed. The experts they connected with included a:

  • Precision Livestock Manager who focuses on facilitating the correct uptake of smart farming techniques on livestock farms at an organisation that connects farmers with farming research.
  • Professor of Livestock Production at a top university who is also an award-winning scientist and author of over 80 peer-reviewed scientific articles in leading journals.


3. Consultancy broadens knowledge on abnormal uterine bleeding thanks to gynaecologists’ insights

A global management consulting firm working on a tight timeline for an abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) project – heavy or unusual bleeding from the uterus that is longer than usual or that occurs at an irregular time – asked us to connect them with France-based gynaecologists familiar with treating the condition.

The customer was particularly interested in broadening their knowledge of the devices used for endometrial ablation, a surgical procedure to remove a thin layer of tissue (endometrium) that lines the uterus, which is commonly performed to treat AUB. 

Powered by our Knowledge Graph, we rapidly found the required gynaecologists and connected them with the customer. By partnering with us, the customer was able to get the information they needed and meet their deadline. 

The gynaecologists the consultancy conducted qualitative interviews with included a:

  • Head of the Gynaecological Surgery Department who is also a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at one of the world’s largest university hospitals, a member of many national and international expert committees and author of over 200 publications.
  • Gynaecological Surgeon in the Department of Gynaecology at a leading teaching hospital who has been a practising medical doctor for 18 years and author of over 160 publications. 


4. Global leader connected with ophthalmology practice admins after other vendors had failed

A global leader in drug development and regulatory science came to us after other vendors had failed to find them the precision-matched experts they needed for a project in the ophthalmology space.

The customer needed to engage with US-based ophthalmology practice admins, such as billing specialists, revenue cycle professionals and Chief Financial Officers, who could share their expertise on topics including manufacturer reimbursement support tools and best practices in reimbursement support.

Unlike other vendors, we’re not limited to human-led search methods and panels made up of pre-assembled lists of experts. Instead, we’ve developed a Crawler which trawls through volumes of online data in real-time to find experts who match our customers’ criteria with pinpoint precision, enabling us to unearth experts that other vendors can’t.


A graphic of resumes, one with a tick and one with a cross on top of a background of computational data’s Crawler sifts through and analyses billions of online data points worldwide to produce relevant, comprehensive expert profiles at a much higher volume and accuracy than traditional human search methods.


Thanks to our Crawler, the customer began reviewing and accepting expert profiles seamlessly via our portal within a day of submitting their request, enabling them to gain the insights they had been struggling to get hold of.

Some of the ophthalmology practice admins they engaged with were a:

  • Revenue Cycle Manager who oversees the revenue cycle duties for 25 physicians and 16 locations.
  • Director of Clinical Operations at a medical group practice who manages operations across 12 locations. 
  • Credentialing Manager with over 40 years’ experience in billing and credentialing in the ophthalmology space. 


5. Orthopaedic surgeons enable consultancy to fill in last-minute, niche gaps for market research

A management consultancy investigating the market for orthopaedic implants had some last-minute, niche gaps in their research that they needed us to support them with. The customer needed to engage with orthopaedic surgeons based in the US and the EU5 (Spain, Italy, the UK, Germany and France) experienced with hip limb salvage implants.

By partnering with us, the customer was able to fill in the missing gaps in their research by gathering insights from the experts our AI sourced for them and complete their project in time. 

Some of the orthopaedic surgeons they engaged with were a:

  • Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery with almost 30 years’ experience in the field who is also involved in clinical research, including two trials on orthopaedic data and soft tissue sarcomas, and author of 14 book chapters and more than 100 scientific papers.
  • Director of the Adult Reconstruction/Total Joint Service at a leading medical centre who has authored over 90 scientific publications and is active in clinical research, including one trial on pain relief and joint function following a total hip arthroplasty.


6. Market research strengthened with lymphoma KOLs’ hands-on knowledge

An international management consultancy working on a project in follicular lymphoma (a slow-growing type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma) asked us to connect them with US-based key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the space to support their market research with expert-backed insights.

The KOLs also needed to meet criteria such as having published peer-reviewed articles, a therapeutic focus on haematology or medical oncology, and have clinical trial experience.

Fortunately, our search technology thrives on precision and isn’t deterred by specificity. It successfully identified and connected the customer with the exact KOLs they needed to conduct qualitative interviews with, thus boosting their market research with expert-backed knowledge. These included a: 

  • Deputy Chief of Haematology/Oncology at a leading academic hospital who has over 20 years of experience, authored over 100 papers, including more than 40 papers on lymphoma and eight focusing on follicular lymphoma, and been a principal investigator on over 10 clinical trials, with three currently active.
  • Professor of Medicine at a distinguished university-based comprehensive care centre who has over 20 years of clinical experience as an oncologist, authored over 100 papers, including 30 focused on follicular lymphoma, and involved in eight lymphoma clinical trials, three of which are ongoing.


7. Nephrologists support consultancy’s market research on rare kidney disease by sharing expertise

A healthcare strategy consulting firm conducting marketing research on focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) – a rare disease that attacks the kidney's filtering units, causing serious scarring which leads to permanent kidney damage and even failure – needed to gather insights from nephrologists who treat patients with primary FSGS and FSGS secondary to obesity. 

Furthermore, the nephrologists had to be based in France and Germany and work in a community setting (such as a private solo or group practice, or a community hospital). 

With speed, precision and volume at its core, our tech unlocked the insights the customer needed by finding and connecting them with nephrologists experienced in treating FSGS.

Some of the experts the customer completed qualitative interviews with were a:

  • Nephrologist who is also a Professor in the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences at a prestigious public institution who has authored over 300 papers, including four focusing on FSGS, and is an investigator on three clinical trials.
  • Co-Partner and Nephrology Specialist at an established nephrology private practice whose scientific work has won five awards, has published 30 papers and is a member of the International Society of Nephrology.


8. Digital transformation report boosted by insights from pathologists and radiologists 

With digital health and AI poised to shape the pharmaceutical oncology market, we’ve seen an increase in customers exploring these technologies. In fact, a digital health company preparing a report on the digital transformation of pathology and radiology needed expert opinions from specialists in the field who could share their knowledge on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in these disciplines. The experts needed to be based in the UK and US and have significant expertise leveraging AI in oncology.

Our tech team has developed a bespoke Semantic Search Engine ideal for projects like this where specificity is key. As shown in the illustration below, it allows us to match experts to a customer’s project with pinpoint accuracy by using various search terms at once, such as geography, field, job title, and specialism.


An illustration of's Semantic Search Engine

The Semantic Search Engine enables us to find precision-matched experts for our customers by using search terms related to the project requirements. 


With the relevant experts sourced, the customer was able to bolster their report with hands-on knowledge from specialists including a: 

  • Surgical Pathologist who’s also an Associate Professor of Surgical and Molecular Pathology at a world-class university hospital using cutting-edge technologies in digital pathology for their research. 
  • Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology at a top-ranking university who employs advanced technologies such as digital picture archiving and communications systems (PACS).


9. 50% of consultancy’s psychiatry and neurology expert quota filled within 12 hours of submitting request

Our customers work in fast-paced, high-pressure environments and often need insights quickly. With that in mind and by leveraging our AI’s speed, we filled in half of this project's expert quota (nine) in under 12 hours from receiving the request.

A global life sciences consultancy doing market research on movement disorders and depression needed to get first-hand knowledge from psychiatrist and neurologist KOLs to support their project. The KOLs needed to be based in the US and meet the following criteria:

  • The psychiatrists had to be experienced in treating major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant depression
  • The neurologists had to be experienced in treating essential tremors and Parkinson’s disease
  • Both groups had to have more than 15 years’ experience in treating the above conditions and have published articles or research papers on them

Powered by precision, speed and volume, we connected the customer with the relevant subject matter experts whose information was used to supplement their market research.

Some of the KOLs the customer gathered insights from included a:

  • Co-Director and founder of a clinic for treatment-resistant depression who is also an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at a top-ranking medical school and author of 90 scientific publications in the field of psychiatry, mostly on depression.
  • Professor of Neurology who is also the Director of the Movement Disorders Clinic at a leading neurological institute and author of over 155 scientific publications in the field of neurology and movement disorders.


10. Physicians broaden biopharmaceutical company’s understanding of emerging cancer therapy

Targeted alpha-emitting radiotherapeutics is arguably the most rapidly developing field in nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy. It’s a highly specific and potent therapeutic modality that can be applied to various cancers.

A biopharmaceutical company exploring the development of novel targeted alpha-emitting radiotherapeutics asked us to connect them with US-based physicians who could share their expertise on the topic. They specifically needed to garner insights from endocrinologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and nuclear medicine doctors to help deepen their understanding of this cutting-edge cancer therapy. 

Our Semantic Search Engine, which we spoke about earlier, allows us to search for multiple experts at the same time. The ability to do this made it possible for us to swiftly find the precise, relevant physicians for the customer so they could make better-informed decisions for their project. 

The physicians the customer conducted qualitative interviews with included a:

  • Nuclear medicine doctor who is also a Professor of Radiology and Chief of Nuclear Medicine at an internationally recognised academic teaching hospital, active in research and in conducting clinical trials, and co-author of more than 190 articles, 10 of which are in radiopharmaceuticals and 26 in nuclear medicine.
  • Radiation oncologist with more than 20 years of practice who is also board-certified in internal medicine, a Professor and Chair of Radiation Oncology at a high research activity university, and co-author of more than 90 studies on radiation oncology.

And just like that, we’ve reached the end of our Top 10 most notable expert requests for September 2020.

Whether you’re exploring entering a new market or investigating a novel drug treatment, we’ll connect you with the right experts to support your project. 


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