Top 10 most notable expert requests for November 2019

Written by Harri Lamden, Project Team Lead, 2 December 2019

We’re not sure how it’s possible, but the expert requests we receive from our customers seem to get more interesting and niche every month. Fortunately, uncommon requests aren’t an issue for our AI technology, allowing us to match our customers with a range of specialists in November, including urologists, ophthalmologists, market access authorities, multiple myeloma physicians and more. 

Without further ado, here are our 10 most notable expert requests for November.


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1. Four for one customer

An investor relations company needed to engage with various experts for four different projects. We’re cheating by grouping the projects under one bullet, but they were all too interesting not to share! 

Neoplastic blood disease specialists

First up, the customer was working on a pre-bid proposal and asked us to connect them with specialists in neoplastic blood diseases which is cancer in blood cells and bone marrow. They specifically wanted to engage with US-based haematologists and oncologists accomplished in treating blood cancers. The experts also needed to hold director positions at clinics dealing with cancer-related diseases. This level of specificity was no problem for our AI technology which used the criteria outlined by the customer to find the experts they requested with absolute precision.   

Top-level urologists

The customer needed expert insight on three inherited urological diseases – arginase 1 deficiency, cystinuria and homocystinuria. They wanted to connect with US physicians experienced in treating these disorders. Using our AI technology, we matched them with high-ranking US-based urologists from leading medical institutions. They initially requested to consult six specialists but thanks to the high quality of the experts we sourced, they got all the insights they needed after engaging with four. 

Psychiatrists specialising in the treatment of depression

A clinical-stage company recently released results on a new oral treatment for depression. Our customer wanted to engage with experts who knew about the data from this study and could tell them more about the impact it could have in the therapeutics space for depression. They requested to engage with three psychiatrists holding directorship positions at leading institutions specialising in the treatment of depression and anxiety in the US. 

Our AI platform, which works in real time, found these key opinion leaders (KOLs) and linked them with our customer on the same day that they sent their request. They initially wanted to engage with three specialists but due to the high quality of the data-backed profiles they received, they requested to consult an extra three.

Best in class ophthalmologists

To better understand the therapeutic landscape for thyroid eye disease, also called Graves' ophthalmopathy, Graves’ eye disease or Graves’ orbitopathy, our customer requested to connect with accomplished ophthalmologist professors from US-based medical schools. They had been recruiting internally for this project, but they had exhausted all their resources and were struggling to find a final KOL to consult. Fortunately, our AI technology searches all publicly available online data points and isn’t fixed to a limited database. So, we were able to match them with that final elusive KOL. 


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2. Rheumatologists to the rescue

A healthcare marketing company got in touch with us on a Friday afternoon needing to consult two European-based rheumatologists on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. They wanted to get their opinion on creative concepts for one of their customers who’s launching a product in the rheumatology field. Within a couple of hours, our AI search platform found them the experts, one in the UK and one in Germany, and the connection was arranged. 


3. 30 Multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma experts

Split into two stages, this customer – a consultancy – needed insight from 30 US-based oncologists experienced in using CAR T-cell therapy to treat multiple myeloma (MM), a cancer of plasma cells, and non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL), a group of blood cancers that includes all types of lymphoma except Hodgkin's lymphomas.

For the first half of their project, they requested to connect with eight MM KOLs who have written guidelines for MM, participated in a significant number of clinical trials, authored published papers on MM, spoken at conferences, and saw more than 200 MM patients monthly.

For phase two, the customer requested to liaise with KOLs experienced in treating NHL. From this group of NHL experts, they needed to connect with 11 oncologists specialised in aggressive lymphomas and 11 specialised in indolent lymphomas.

Our AI search technology found and matched the customer with the phase one experts, and now we’re in the process of completing the second half of the project. 


4. Neurological drugs market access experts

A healthcare company working on a pre-bid project needed to connect with seven market access experts experienced in the reimbursement of neurological drugs. They requested heads of market access at pharmaceutical companies from the EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK), Luxembourg, Belgium or the Netherlands. Using this data, our AI platform searched for, found and connected them to specialists from the UK, Italy, France and Belgium.


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5. Clinical trials logistics expert

We received a call on a Tuesday from a panicked customer at a professional services network who needed to engage with a clinical trial logistics expert to help them prepare for a project proposal happening on Thursday morning that week. To this end, they needed to connect with the specialist on Wednesday. They were after insight on the logistics behind transporting biological substances such as vaccines, DNA and blood samples to ensure that this is done safely. Within an hour, our AI technology found the relevant experts, sent the data-backed profiles for the customer to review and the call with the specialist they chose to engage with was scheduled in the nick of time.


6. European-based irritable bowel disease specialists

A healthcare marketing agency requested to connect with three irritable bowel disease experts and gastroenterologists who use biologics for treatment. They needed one specialist from the UK, the Nordics and one from the EU5. Based on these criteria, our AI platform went to work and found them experts from the UK, Norway and Germany and matched them with the agency. 


7. 30 genomic researchers

A management consulting firm needed to connect with 30 US-based academic researchers to gain a better understanding of genomic research techniques. These experts also needed to be actively working in a lab, have a minimum qualification of a master’s degree, work at a university, hospital or the private sector, and hold a senior position such as senior-level genomic scientist, principal scientist, laboratory head or senior investigator. The genetic techniques they needed to be familiar with included structural variant detection, targeted genomic regions and hybrid genome assembly.

With this list of requirements in hand, our AI platform scoured the web to find the experts who precisely matched the customer’s specifications. After engaging with a couple of experts, the customer wanted to increase the level of precision by engaging with plant science, cancer and biotech specialists. Fortunately, precision is one of our technology’s most powerful features, so it easily found and matched the customer with these niche experts. 


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8. MENA market access authority

To follow-up on a project we’d helped this healthcare company with previously, they needed to connect with market access specialists to gain further insight into the launch of high-cost drugs and their approval in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. They specifically wanted a market access and regulatory affairs expert from Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia. Based on this outline, our AI technology found them the experts who ticked all their boxes. The customer was so impressed with the quality of expert profiles they received that they chose to engage with two of them instead of one, as initially requested. Respectively based in Morocco and Tunisia, both the experts were able to provide insight on the Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian markets.


9. Neurologists who treat Alzheimer’s Disease

For their pre-bid project, a healthcare communications agency needed to get insight from four neurologists who treat Alzheimer’s disease. Within a day, our AI platform found them the clinicians and triggered the link between customer and expert. 


10. Polycystic kidney disease specialist

An insurance company that usually finds experts internally was struggling to find a polycystic kidney disease (PKD) specialist for one of their cases. They needed to gain insight from an expert in medical genetics or clinical research who’s knowledgeable and experienced in the inheritance pattern and treatment of PKD. Because our AI search technology isn’t restricted to a fixed database of experts, we were able to find the customer the specialist they needed which they connected with via phone call and a follow-up data review. 


That’s a wrap for November’s top 10 most notable expert requests. We’re excited to see what our customers request for the final month of the year!


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