Top 10 most notable expert requests for May 2020

Written by Matt Magbanua, Associate Project Manager, 29 May 2020

When it comes to expert requests, no two months are ever the same! Discover which experts were in demand last month, from rheumatologists specialising in chronic refractory gout to VCs, and how we leveraged our AI, powered by speed, precision and volume, to connect our customers with first-class specialists.

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1. Dermatologists give go-to-market strategy a boost

A healthcare consultancy developing a go-to-market plan for a topical therapy product in the US and EU5 (Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the UK) asked us to connect them with leading plaque psoriasis and atopic dermatitis (also known as eczema) investigators and clinical researchers. Through these engagements, the customer wanted to get the experts’ opinions on the investigational product and identify potential clinical development risks.

Fuelled by precision, volume and speed, our search tech scoured reams of online content to find and qualify the dermatologists for this project. Including a:

  • Professor of Dermatology with over 30 years’ experience in the field who is a board member of the International Psoriasis Council.
  • Director of an Eczema Specialty Clinic who also serves as a principal investigator on multiple dermatology clinical and translational studies.

By engaging with these specialists, the consultancy was able to leverage their go-to-market strategy with first-hand expertise. 


2. Infectious disease specialists rescue consultancy’s two-week deadline

After struggling with another vendor who failed to meet their quality standards and timelines, this management consultancy turned to us for support. And thanks to our AI, we delivered where our competitor couldn’t, enabling the customer to enrich their research with high-quality insights and meet their two-week deadline.

Working on an infectious disease (ID) project, the consultancy wanted to better understand Clostridium difficile (also known as C. difficile or C. diff) – bacteria that can infect the bowel and easily spread to others. To do this, they needed to schedule interviews with ID specialists and/or clinical microbiologists, and physicians based in Spain and Italy, which we did! 

Our ability to source world-class experts rapidly is because of our internal Knowledge Graph. Developed by our tech team, it gives us a global, real-time visualisation of the knowledge landscape, enabling us to swiftly identify the key thought-leaders in any field and connect them with customers who need their insights. 

A knowledge graph showing the links between experts, organisations, universities, and publications.

A knowledge graph showing the links between experts, organisations, universities, and publications.


Powered by the Knowledge Graph we found the customer specialists such as:

  • A director of one of the largest public microbiology laboratories in Europe who is also an Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases.
  • The Head of Infectious Diseases at a research institute who has also authored over 340 publications. 


3. KOLs shine the light on gene therapy techniques

A global strategy consulting firm conducting market research on gene therapy – a technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease – wanted to supplement their research with insights from EU5 and US key opinion leaders (KOLs) who are using the technique to treat patients. 

They asked us to connect them with physicians specialising in central nervous systems (CNS) conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia, ophthalmology (medical conditions relating to the eye), and head and neck conditions to better understand how gene therapy is being used in these areas and developments of the technique.

Our AI found and vetted the experts, and we scheduled the qualitative interviews. Following the engagements, the consultancy deepened their market research with the specialist insights they got from the physicians.

The KOLs we sourced for the customer included a:

  • Senior ophthalmologist who is also a Principal Investigator on retinal disorders at an Institute for Ophthalmic Research.
  • Neurologist who is also an Associate Professor of Neurology at a leading medical school.


4. Consultancy gets up to speed on chronic refractory gout

Gout is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis with more than 8.3 million patients in the US having been diagnosed with it. A leading life sciences consultancy conducting market research on chronic refractory gout (CRG) needed to deepen their understanding of the condition and asked us to connect them with US rheumatologists who treat CRG patients. 

Thanks to machine learning techniques, our AI has been trained to find precision-matched experts across specialisms, which enabled us to connect this customer with the right rheumatologists, such as:

  • The Vice-Chair of a clinic’s Department of Rheumatic and Immunologic Diseases who is also the Chief Medical Editor of a leading rheumatology journal.
  • An award-winning rheumatologist who is also an Associate Professor of Rheumatology at a graduate medical school of an Ivy League university.

Following the qualitative interviews with the specialists, the consultancy improved their knowledge of CRG, enabling them to enhance their market research.


5. Experts help consultancy get to the bone of orthopaedics trauma industry

A strategy consulting firm working on an orthopaedics project in the trauma industry needed to interact with various specialists to improve their knowledge of the field. To gain this know-how, they requested that we find them C-level experts in strategic sourcing, procurement, R&D, and supply chain roles. 

With the customer needing to conduct the interviews in a week, there was no time to waste! 

Our Knowledge Graph came to the rescue, ensuring that we swiftly found the precision-matched experts the consultancy needed so they could strengthen their market research with specialist insights and meet their one-week deadline. 

The orthopaedics trauma industry experts the customer engaged with included:

  • A hip product development Principal Engineer at an orthopaedic device company with over 20 years’ experience.
  • A Senior Director at a medical device company who is also an accomplished research director and orthopaedic surgeon.


6. Haematologist KOLs enrich market research

A management consultancy conducting market research on anticoagulant reversal products needed to interact with US-based haematologists familiar with using them on patients.

Anticoagulants, typically known as blood thinners, are medicines that help prevent blood clots. So, the reversal products are used in situations when there are bleeding complications, an overdose of anticoagulant therapy or unplanned surgery is required.

Customers often need experts from specific geographies which requires our search tech to find specialists with pinpoint precision.

Our tech team has developed a Semantic Search Engine enabling us to accurately match experts to a request. The search engine allows us to specify the expert’s location, field of expertise and title ensuring that we find the precise specialists organisations need.

With the customer needing the interviews to take place by the end of the week, our Semantic Search Engine came in handy for this project. Allowing us to tag specific criteria of the experts – in this case, haematologists, US, and anticoagulant reversal therapy – it rapidly returned data-backed expert profiles for us to send to the customer for approval.

An illustration of the Semantic Search Engine

With tunnel vision focus, our AI search technology identifies the specific experts organisations need.


Once the customer shortlisted the haematologists they wanted to engage with, we scheduled the interviews, enabling the consultancy to get their hands on the information they needed. 

Some of the specialists they interacted with were:

  • An Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Department of Haematology at one of the top medical schools in the US.
  • A board-certified haematologist with over 16 years’ experience whose main clinical interest is in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, a blood clotting disease.


7. 24-hour turnaround time for investor’s molecular imprinting project

When considering an investment, it’s vital to understand the ins and outs of whatever you’re backing. An investment company interested in investing in molecular imprinting technologies asked us to find them subject matter experts to help inform their decision-making. 

They wanted to engage with US and EU5 molecular imprinting specialists in scientific/technical and commercial roles. They also needed the qualitative interviews to take place in the next few days. 

Thanks to our AI we delivered and scheduled the interviews within 24 hours of receiving the project. 

The experts who illuminated the investment company on molecular imprinting technologies included:

  • A Professor of Nanobiotechnology who has authored over 100 publications on the topic and is head of a research group into molecular imprinting technology.
  • An Executive Vice-President of Business Development experienced in developing the service business for molecular imprinting.


8. Experts help consultancy tap into Central and Eastern Europe pharma market

A management consulting firm needed to better understand the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) pharma market, so they reached out to us for support. To gain the insights they needed, they asked to connect with pharma executives experienced in the CEE market.

Thanks to our Semantic Search Engine, we found and connected the customer with pharma executives knowledgeable on the CEE market, enabling the consultancy to develop a robust plan for the territory. 

The pharma executives from global pharmaceutical companies they conducted qualitative interviews with included a:

  • General Manager and Alliance Manager for CEE partnerships with over 24 years’ experience in the field.
  • CEE Senior Business Development Director highly experienced in international pharmaceuticals trade.


9. Pulmonologists’ insights offer consultancy a breath of fresh air

With the increasing urgency for a coronavirus vaccine, many of our customers are at the forefront of much-needed breakthroughs. A life sciences consultancy working on a respiratory project asked to source them pulmonary KOLs from China, Japan, the US and EU5 to advance their market research.

Unlike traditional expert networks which rely on a limited database of specialists uploaded from a pre-assembled list, our AI search technology scans the web, 24/7, indexing everything it finds to extract the most accurate, relevant, data-backed expert profiles.

A simplified illustration of how's AI search tech scours the web to source world-leading experts. 

A simplified illustration of how our AI search tech scours the web to source world-leading experts. 


Unlimited by a fixed database, our AI’s global reach means we can support customers with projects like these where the experts they need span from China to the US.

Some of the pulmonologists who supported the consultancy with their insights were:

  • An Associate Professor of Medicine who is also a director of a pulmonary rehabilitation centre and director of a pulmonary testing lab.
  • A Chief Physician at a pneumology clinic who has also authored over 200 scientific publications on respiratory conditions. 


10. Clinical development and licensing project supplemented with specialist insights

A business intelligence company supporting their end-client with a clinical development and licensing project needed to engage with big pharma VCs and business development and licensing (BD&L) experts based in the US and EU5. 

Our customers work in fast-paced environments and often have tight deadlines so when they need insights, they need them fast. Thanks to our tech’s speed, we identified, qualified and scheduled interviews with experts within the first 24 hours of receiving this request. 

This speed, coupled with the quality of expertise, ensured the customer got the insights they needed for their project. Some of the specialists they connected with included:

  • A Director of Licensing and Diagnostic Global Business Development with over 12 years’ experience in drug discovery and BD&L at a top pharma company.
  • A Senior Partner who leads the venture arm of a global pharmaceutical who has been instrumental in securing successful VC opportunities. 


That’s a wrap on our top 10 most notable expert requests for May 2020. Be sure to check out our June edition next month!

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