Top 10 most notable expert requests for March 2020

Written by Mariama Malang, Associate Project Manager, 6 April 2020

When it comes to obtaining industry insight, the best people to get it from are the professionals who specialise in the field you’re interested in. And that’s exactly what our customers do daily, reach out to us to connect them with best-in-class thought leaders for primary insight. From R&D senior executives to oncologists and product development executives, below are some of the expert requests that stood out to us in March. 

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1. Oncologists signed, sealed, delivered in 24 hours

Many of our customers contact us during the pre-bid proposal stage asking us to connect them with experts to help bolster their pitch, stand out from the competition and position them as the best consultancy for the client to partner with on the project. And that’s precisely what the customer below did.

A marketing company preparing a marketing/advertising strategy needed to connect with UK and Spain-based oncologists to help supplement their pitch with expert insight. The customer submitted their request on a Wednesday, our AI search technology found the precise specialists the customer requested that same day and triggered the interview between the customer and the oncologists the next day.

This speed is all thanks to our knowledge graph which gives us a global, real-time overview of the whole knowledge landscape, enabling us to rapidly identify thought-leaders in various fields. If you’re interested in learning more about how our search tech works, have a look at our blog post on how our AI tech finds experts others can’t.


2. Migraine experts head and shoulders above the rest

Finding the right experts can be a headache, but if you use intelligent AI technology to do the searching for you, it doesn’t have to be!

Two of our customers requested to engage with migraine experts so we’re bending the rules a little and including two projects under one heading here. 

First up, a market research company was preparing a marketing/advertising strategy

for a migraine project and was after some insight from Australian KOLs to enhance their pitch. The second customer, an investor relations consultancy, needed to speak with US-based clinicians who treat migraine sufferers and who are familiar with and have used a particular drug so they could learn more about it. 

After engaging with the experts our AI technology sourced for them, both the customers got the insight they needed and rid of the headache of finding experts. 


3. Rare disease commercialisation market access and medical affairs seniors

A consultancy asked us to connect them with market access and medical affairs seniors experienced in rare disease commercialisation based in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. They were specifically after senior strategists and decision-makers so they could better understand the challenges and opportunities for pharma marketing drugs for neuromuscular diseases (disorders that involve injury or dysfunction of peripheral nerves or muscle). 

After engaging with the experts our tech sourced for them, the consultancy had a clearer picture of the market in Eastern Europe and the Baltics for marketing neuromuscular diseases drugs, therefore, helping the consultancy make more informed strategic decisions about this market. 


4. Gastroenterology KOLs treating gastroparesis

A management consulting company conducting a research project needed to connect with KOLs in gastroenterology experienced in treating patients with gastroparesis. The experts needed to be based in Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Japan and China and be available for a 90-minute engagement. They also needed to be thought leaders in the field, active in international guideline development, principal investigators in phase 3 trials, widely published and/or speakers at international conferences and still working in routine clinical practice.

Given the different geographies and specificity of the KOLs, our search technology had to sift through a lot of online material to find the experts this customer needed. Fortunately, our tech team has built a Crawler – a computer program that scans the web, reading and indexing everything it finds.

Our Crawler has been trained to comb through a mass of information to find the most useful data for producing accurate, comprehensive expert profiles. This came especially handy for this project, enabling the consultancy to get insight from the exact KOLs they needed.


5. Nuclear medicine physicians and oncologists adept in prostate cancer treatment

When conducting market research, interviews are an effective method to gather primary insight. A strategy consulting firm wanted to get a deeper understanding of the prostate cancer treatment landscape and asked us to arrange 60-minute qualitative interviews with US-based radiation oncologists and nuclear medicine physicians who are currently treating prostate cancer patients. 

Based on these requirements, our AI search technology trawled the web and found the precise specialists the firm was after, enabling them to get the insight they needed. 


6. Antibiotic susceptibility testing BD and product development executives

Antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) plays a critical role in medical decision-making. It’s done to detect possible drug resistance in common pathogens and to assure susceptibility to drugs of choice for particular infections.

A strategy consulting firm interested in AST needed to conduct qualitative interviews with executives, such as directors and VPs, knowledgeable in analogue product launches within AST and/or product development or distribution. The firm wanted to get deeper insight into AST market trends, considerations for partner selection and regulatory pathway options for lab instruments. And they were able to do just that by connecting with the experts our search technology sourced for them. 


7. Partnering and M&A specialists skilled in closing big deals

According to this report, M&As within the life science industry reached an all-time high in 2019 with an unprecedented total of $357 billion. To help facilitate these mergers and acquisitions, engaging experts for insight is common practice. And finding experts is what we specialise in.

A business management consultancy was interested in connecting with partnering or M&A professionals specialising in the pharmaceutical field to better understand the criteria they use when undergoing a partnership or M&A. Thanks to the connection we facilitated between them and the experts, the consultancy was able to complete their project boosted with specialist insight. 


8. Pioneering chronic lymphocytic leukaemia KOLs

This consultancy wanted to engage with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) key opinion leaders (KOLs) to develop their understanding of the current and future treatment landscape for CLL patients. These KOLs needed to spend most of their time focused on seeing patients, with the rest of their time focused on research and they also need to have currently or recently been involved in clinical trials for CLL. 

This kind of specificity might be limiting for some vendors, but our AI technology thrives on precision.

Without getting too technical, our tech team has developed a Parser which analyses the content on any web page, comprehends it and extracts expert profiles. After this, our Categoriser assigns these expert profiles into precise categories in milliseconds. Once these experts have been sourced and categorised, we’ve built a Semantic Search Engine on top of this database of experts, which is constantly growing, enabling us to accurately match experts to a request.


9. Cutting-edge radio-oncologists and nuclear medicine specialists 

A consultancy firm conducting market research was looking to connect with radio-oncologists and nuclear medicine specialists to get their views on an innovative technique fundamentally used for the detection of cancers. By interacting with specialists who have hands-on experience working with the technique, the firm was able to include industry-specific insight in their proposal.


10. Senior R&D leaders familiar with biologics portfolio decision-making

A strategy consulting firm asked us to match them with R&D senior executives at large biopharma companies that are involved in biologics portfolio decision-making. The firm wanted to discover why companies decide to focus their R&D efforts in certain areas versus others and how they go about making these decisions. 

Insight like this is crucial when you’re deciding on your next business move and can help keep you ahead of your competitors. With this insight in hand, this consultancy can help keep their end-client a few steps ahead!


Although this blog post is only a slice of the expert requests we received in March, it gives a great overview of the range of expert insight that organisations are after to help them make more informed decisions and how our AI search technology unearthed the minds who hold this knowledge. 


Need expert insight for your next project? We can help!  

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