Top 10 most notable expert requests for July 2020

Written by Maddie Gouldstone, Associate Project Manager, 3 August 2020

We’re more excited than usual because last month was a record-breaking month for us in terms of the number of expert connections we made! From Australia to Switzerland and other countries in between, our AI search tech traversed the depths of the web to find and connect our customers with world-leading experts specialising in hepatitis D, maternal vaccination, oncology and more. Discover the top 10 most notable expert requests for July below. 


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1. A jab of expert insights gives maternal vaccination project a boost

Maternal vaccination, also called maternal immunisation, is the administration of vaccines to women during pregnancy to protect the mother, foetus(es) and infant(s) from serious vaccine-preventable diseases.

A consultancy working on a maternal vaccination project needed to connect with US-based experts via 60-minute qualitative interviews to help supplement their strategy with industry knowledge. They specifically wanted to engage with key opinion leaders (KOLs) or medical society stakeholders with significant expertise in maternal vaccination, former ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) members, and obstetrician-gynaecologists (OB-GYNs).

Propelled by precision, speed and volume, our AI-driven search technology scanned through volumes of online data to identify best-in-class experts to share their expertise with the consultancy. Following the engagements, the consultancy obtained the information they needed to inform their end client’s strategy.  

The specialists the customer engaged with included:

  • An OB-GYN who has contributed to over 135 research items on gynaecology and is also a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Director of Gynaecological Oncology Clinical Research at a leading medical school. 
  • An internationally recognised expert in paediatric infectious diseases who is also a Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, author of over 180 scientific publications, and who was previously Chair of Paediatrics and Human Development at one of the top research universities in the world.


2. Oncology digital opinion leaders bring marketing strategy to life

As the world becomes increasingly digital, companies are leveraging the influence digital opinion leaders have to get ahead of the competition. 

A healthcare market research company developing a marketing campaign for their end client on CAR T-cell therapy and multiple myeloma reached out to us for support. They needed to connect with EU5 (France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom) digital opinion leaders in the above fields who have a high online presence to help flesh out their strategy. 

Thanks to our AI’s Parser (a suite of algorithms which can take any page on the web, comprehend its content, and extract accurate, useful expert profiles from it), we found and connected the customer with the precise oncology digital opinion leaders they requested, enabling them to develop an expert-backed campaign for their end client.  


An illustration of the Parser analysing online content and creating expert profiles from it.

An illustration of the Parser analysing online content and creating expert profiles from it.


The oncology digital opinion leaders who shared their expertise with the customer included: 

  • A Research Director at a cancer organisation with 25 years’ experience in the field who uses their online presence to share and learn about new medical innovations and/or treatments.
  • A haematologist who is also a Clinical Research Fellow in Multiple Myeloma and CAR-T cell therapy who regularly posts and engages with others on the above topics online. 


3. Ophthalmologists ensure consultancy’s market research has no blind spots

A management consultancy conducting market research on retinal disease needed to engage with EU5 ophthalmologists to help supplement their strategy with specialist insights, so they partnered with

When our customers need specialist insight, they need it fast and they need it from today's leading experts, not yesterday’s. With this in mind, our tech connected the consultancy with ophthalmologists specialising in retinal disease within 24 hours of receiving the request.

Developed by our tech team, our Knowledge Graph makes swift turnaround times like this possible. It visualises the relationships between experts, institutions, online media, and semantic concepts, providing a global, real-time overview of the entire knowledge landscape. This enables us to rapidly identify leading experts and connect them with customers who need their expertise. 

Thanks to our tech’s speed, the consultancy swiftly obtained the insights they needed to enhance their strategy. Some of the experts they engaged with were:

  • An ophthalmologist with over 15 years’ experience who’s published over 175 articles, actively involved in clinical research and been the principal investigator in over 30 clinical trials.
  • A Professor of Medicine with over 25 years’ experience who is also a hospital Head of Ophthalmology and author of over 100 scientific publications.


4. Bioanalysis R&D experts propel consultancy’s drug discovery research 

Bioanalysis (the quantitative measurement of drugs and their metabolites in biological fluids) plays an integral part in the pharmaceutical industry’s drug development process. A strategic consultancy doing drug discovery research on bioanalysis partnered with to connect with senior R&D specialists to help them advance their research.

The bioanalysis R&D experts needed to be:

  • US-based
  • Leaders in bioanalytical operations decisions
  • From biotech and/or pharma companies with biologic assets and have programs that are past early discovery phase
  • Involved in outsourcing decisions to lab services CROs (contract research organisations) – an organisation contracted by another company to manage and lead the company's trials, duties, and functions.

This kind of specificity may be a challenge for some vendors, but our AI tech thrives on precision, enabling us to source the experts the customer requested with pinpoint accuracy.

After the engagements, the consultancy got the industry knowledge they needed to support their end client’s drug discovery research. Some of the specialists the customer interacted with were:

  • An Associate Director of R&D with a PhD in Analytical Chemistry who directs the analytical development of a variety of drug candidates at a global pharmaceutical company.
  • A Senior Research Scientist specialising in bioanalytical research at a leading biotechnology company who’s responsible for the development, optimisation and implementation of bioanalytical techniques. 


5. Oncology biopharma researchers supplement cancer epigenetics research

A strategy consulting firm conducting market research on cancer epigenetics the study of epigenetic modifications to the DNA of cancer cells that involve a change in the way the genetic code is expressed needed to engage with specialists to help enhance their strategy.

The firm asked us to connect them with senior commercial pharma professionals that conduct epigenetics drug and/or biomarker discovery and/or development research in oncology. The experts needed to be available for 60-minute qualitative interviews, be US-based and work at large and small biopharma/biotechnology companies.

Because of our Crawler (a computer program that scans the web, reading and indexing everything it finds), we sourced the oncology biopharma researchers the customer needed. Powered by reinforcement learning, a subfield of machine learning, the Crawler sifts through volumes of data at speed to find the most useful data for producing accurate, comprehensive expert profiles.

Thanks to the expert engagements, the consultancy provided their end client with strategic advice supported with specialist insights. The consulting firm had qualitative interviews with commercial pharma executives including:

  • A Vice President and Head of Oncology at a pioneering biotechnology company armed with a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry whose team frequently studies cancer epigenetics.
  • An Associate Director and Clinical Biomarker Lead who’s currently the lead for an advanced asset in oncology at a multinational pharmaceutical company where they lead the biomarker aspects of the trials from design to implementation.


A depiction of the Crawler, also known as a spider bot, trawling the internet to elicit expert profiles. 

A depiction of the Crawler, also known as a spider bot, trawling the internet to elicit expert profiles. 


6. KOLs deepen consultancy’s understanding of hepatitis D 

There’s currently no cure for hepatitis D and treatment of it is based on a medication introduced in clinical practice 30 years ago called interferon alpha. Results are modest and better therapies are an urgent medical need. As such, many pharma companies are vying to have their new therapies approved. 

A consultancy doing market research on hepatitis D needed to better understand the disease, so they asked to engage with subject matter KOLs in the US and EU5. The KOLs also had to have more than 10 years’ experience in treating hepatitis D patients and have published articles or research papers on hepatitis.

With the expert specifications in hand, our AI search technology identified the relevant KOLs, we facilitated the qualitative interviews and the customer got the insights they needed to support their end client’s hepatitis D project.

The KOLs the customer engaged with included: 

  • A gastroenterologist who is also the Head of Translational Hepatological Research at a university laboratory, actively involved in clinical research in liver disease and its treatment, and author of over 120 scientific publications.
  • A Consultant Hepatologist with almost 30 years’ clinical experience in hepatology who is also the head of one of the world’s largest treatment centres for viral hepatitis and co-author for over 130 scientific publications.


7. Directors raise the curtain on CMC bioanalytic testing

Chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) activities play a vital role in drug development. CMC ensures that a pharmaceutical is safe, effective and consistent between batches by properly defining methods, such as manufacturing processes, product characteristics, and product testing.

A consulting firm supporting their end client on a CMC bioanalytic testing project needed to engage with biopharma and/or biotechnology industry experts to help inform the strategy. The subject matter experts had to be:

  • Senior
  • Based in the UK, US, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland
  • Responsible for strategic decisions in biologic CMC bioanalytic testing services
  • Experienced in CMC bioanalytic test outsourcing and vendor selection.

By leveraging our AI, we delivered the specialists the customer needed, enabling them to support their end client on the CMC bioanalytic testing project with expert-backed strategic advice.

Some of the industry experts the customer gained insights from were: 

  • A Scientific Leader responsible for leading the CMC projects at a global biopharmaceutical company, ensuring the flow of programs from discovery to clinical trials.
  • A Director of CMC Analytical Development at a cutting-edge biotechnology company who plays a pivotal role in the evaluation and selection of CMC vendors.


8. Big pharma commercial experts enable consultancy to better understand therapeutic areas

A healthcare strategy consultancy needed to deepen their understanding of the commercial aspects regarding immunology, rheumatology and dermatology. To do this, they asked to connect them with EU5 commercial pharma professionals in sales, marketing, market access, and medical affairs.

Our internal Semantic Search Engine came in handy here. It enables us to accurately match experts to a request using various search terms at once, such as geography, field, job title, and specialism.


A graphic illustrating’s bespoke Semantic Search Engine.

A graphic illustrating’s bespoke Semantic Search Engine.


After engaging with the specialists, the consultancy was able to improve their knowledge on the commercial aspects regarding immunology, rheumatology and dermatology, and used these insights to supplement their market research.

The big pharma commercial specialists our AI sourced and connected the customer with included:

  • A Brand Manager of Immunology at a biopharmaceutical company with solid pharmaceutical experience in many disease areas including immunology, rheumatology, dermatology, orthopaedics, arthroscopy and gastroenterology.
  • A Senior Key Account Manager of Immunology, Hepatology and Dermatology with over 20 years’ experience in pharmaceutical sales who’s responsible for positioning in local and regional treatment pathways and guidelines.


9. KOLs add momentum to movement disorders project

A healthcare strategy consultancy doing market research needed to connect with US-based movement disorder physicians and payers covering movement disorder drugs. The KOLs had to be well-versed in existing and pipeline therapies for disorders including, Parkinson’s disease, cervical dystonia, Huntington’s disease and multiple system atrophy.

Thanks to our Parser, discussed earlier, we connected the consultancy with the exact experts they requested. Using the industry knowledge gained from engaging with the KOLs, the consultancy presented various strategies to their end client. 

Some of the KOLs the customer gained insights from were:

  • A board-certified neurologist who is also a Professor of Neurology and Director of a movement disorders clinic who has authored over 155 scientific publications on neurology and movement disorders.
  • A Head of Business Development at a pharma research and drug discovery company with over 15 years’ experience in licensing and M&A as an advisor and valuation specialist, whose recent experience is within the central nervous system space.


10. Market research supplemented by IBS specialists

By partnering with, a consultancy gained the specialist insights they needed for their IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) market research project. The customer was investigating cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in IBS and wanted to conduct 60-minute qualitative interviews with US-based primary care physicians, gastroenterologists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners working at gastroenterology practices.

Because there were many search terms associated with this project, we used our Semantic Search Engine to identify the best specialists for the consultancy to gain insights from. By using the insights obtained from the experts, the consultancy was able to support their end client with their IBS and CBT project. 

The customer conducted interviews with experts including: 

  • A Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years’ experience at a gastroenterology centre who is a member of several medical organisations, and whose special interests include oesophageal disorders and IBS.
  • A clinical psychiatrist with over 10 years’ experience who is also an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and author of over 40 scientific publications in the field of psychiatry.

July was yet another month of expert requests spanning a range of specialisms and geographies. We’re not sure what August has in store but if July is anything to go by, our AI is going to be kept very busy searching for experts. 


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