Top 10 most notable expert requests for March 2021

Written by Lakshmi Piette, Associate Project Manager, 8 April 2021

Every day, our AI (artificial intelligence) search technology scours the web, trawling through billions of online data points to find the best experts for our customers to gain primary insights from. Last month, most of our requests were for US-based KOLs ranging from pulmonologists specializing in acute respiratory depression to gynecologists who treat bacterial vaginosis. Discover the full list of our top 10 most notable expert requests for March below!


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1. AI search technology succeeds in finding hard-to-reach neurology KOLs

A healthcare management consultancy conducting market research on behalf of their end client reached out to us as they were struggling to find neurology key opinion leaders (KOLs) via their internal recruitment methods and needed our support.

They needed to better understand how patients diagnosed with select central nervous system (CNS) diseases are being managed today, as well as how these patients could potentially be better served by new therapies in the future.

The KOLs needed to meet criteria such as:  

  • Being based in the US
  • Treating rare genetic conditions including tuberous sclerosis (a disease that causes noncancerous tumors in various organs of the body), Rett syndrome (a neurological and developmental disorder that affects the way the brain develops), and Angelman syndrome (a condition that affects the nervous system and causes severe physical and learning disabilities)
  • Having published peer-reviewed research and/or contributed to a book
  • Being/having been a principal investigator in clinical research teams or studies

Fueled by precision, our AI search technology found the exact KOLs the customer requested, including a:

  • Pediatric Epileptologist and Neurologist who is also an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, author of 113 scientific papers, and principal investigator for two ongoing trials.
  • Neurologist who has been active in clinical practice for 20 years, has participated in national conferences for tuberous sclerosis and Rett syndrome, and has published 13 scientific papers.


2. Insight into the current and future treatment of respiratory depression strengthened by KOLs

Respiratory depression (also referred to as respiratory suppression or respiratory insufficiency) is a decline in the ability of a person to inhale and exhale. A common cause of respiratory depression is overdosing on drugs classified as sedatives or central nervous system depressant drugs.

A life science consulting firm supporting their end client on a project focused on acute respiratory depression needed us to connect them with relevant US-based KOLs to support their market research.

They specifically needed to gain insight into the current and future treatment of respiratory depression caused by drug overdose.

Some of the experts our tech sourced for our customer to engage with were a:

  • Professor of Anesthesiology with 16 years of experience who has a leading role in clinical research teams and has authored 200 scientific publications, 29 of which focus on the topic of drug-induced respiratory depression.
  • Pulmonologist with 15 years of experience who is also a Clinical Director for a Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, and author of 200 scientific publications on various pulmonary conditions.


3. Gynecologists support consultancy’s bacterial vaginosis project with expertise

A life science consultancy conducting market research on bacterial vaginosis (BV), a common condition caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina, asked us to arrange qualitative interviews with US-based gynecologists to support their project.

The experts needed to be:

  • Experienced in managing patients with BV
  • Able to discuss and comment on a new product profile
  • Able to discuss newly diagnosed as well as refractory patients (a disease or condition that doesn't respond to treatment)

Leveraging machine learning techniques, our AI has been trained to find experts who match our customers’ requirements with pinpoint precision, ensuring they gain knowledge from the right minds at the right time.

This customer engaged with experts including a:

  • Professor in a Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology who has 33 years of experience and has authored 236 scientific publications in the field of gynecology, of which 10 are on the topic of BV.
  • Gynecologist who has 20 years of experience, maintains an active gynecology practice and holds various clinical titles including Clinic Medical Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Professor in a department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.


4. Qualitative interviews with Fabry disease specialists boost primary market research

Fabry disease (FD) is a rare genetic disorder that can lead to life-threatening heart and kidney problems. A consulting firm working on an FD project needed us to connect them with various specialists to supplement their primary market research.

As such, they asked us to organize qualitative interviews with US-based clinical geneticists, metabolists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, neurologists, and nephrologists who:

  • Are responsible for making treatment decisions
  • Work at major academic hospitals or medical centers
  • Have high awareness of the future pipeline for FD
  • Have participated in clinical trials related to FD in the last three years

We’ve developed an internal Semantic Search Engine that enables us to search for various specialists simultaneously. This allows us to rapidly identify experts in different fields (such as genetics, nephrology, cardiology) specializing in the same treatment area (FD, for example).

Using the Semantic Search Engine, we identified and connected the customer with specialists including a:

  • Geneticist who is also a Professor in a Department of Human Genetics, author of 25 scientific papers focusing on FD (which are featured in national and international journals), and an investigator on three clinical trials on FD.
  • Nephrologist who is also a Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of a kidney transplantation center, author of 50 academic papers, and principal investigator on three clinical trials.


5. Payer value messages for a new product launch informed by Pompe disease KOLs

A consulting firm needed to engage with neuromuscular and/or genetic disease specialists to refine the payer value messages for a new product their end client was launching in a few European markets and the US.

The KOLs needed to specialize in Pompe disease (a rare, genetic neuromuscular condition), be comfortable speaking in detail about the standard of care and current therapies available in the market, and have authored publications on the disease.   

Once our AI has identified qualifying experts for a customer to engage with, their profiles get uploaded to a customized portal for the customer to review. If they’re happy with the expert’s profile, they can arrange a call with the click of a button at a time and date that suits their schedule.

 A screenshot of the project portal

Review expert profiles and schedule calls easily on the portal.


Some of the experts the customer had qualitative interviews with were a:

  • Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics specializing in inherited metabolic diseases who has spent 25 years in clinical care and research, authored 100 scientific publications (10 on Pompe disease), and been involved in preclinical studies and clinical trials.
  • Pediatrician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic diseases experienced in the disease burden and unmet needs of Pompe disease and author of 30 scientific publications (three on Pompe disease).


6. Go-to-market strategy for a new drug technology product enhanced by physicians’ knowledge

A life science consultancy preparing a go-to-market strategy for a pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to gain insights from physicians experienced in launching new drug technology products in the US to inform their plan.

To support the customer in creating an expert-backed and informed strategy, our search tech identified and connected them with experienced experts, such as:

  • An Associate Professor of Urology who is also a Director of Urologic Oncology at a center of excellence, author of 291 scientific papers, on the editorial board for a leading scientific journal, and a member of scientific advisory boards.
  • The Chief of Urology at a private hospital who has published 136 scientific papers and authored six textbooks, is Editor-in-Chief of a surgery journal, and serves on the editorial board for various scientific urology journals.


7. Quick turnaround of neuroendocrine tumor KOLs for strategic consultancy with a tight deadline

A neuroendocrine tumor (NET) is a rare tumor that can develop in many different organs of the body. It affects the cells that release hormones into the bloodstream (neuroendocrine cells).

A strategic consultancy working on a tight deadline needed to conduct qualitative interviews with US-based KOLs who treat NET patients.

Additionally, the KOLs needed to and have:

  • Published articles/studies in NET within the last two years
  • Spoken on NET at a national conference
  • Advised on the improvement of national procedures or authored national guidelines for NET
  • Been a principal investigator on a clinical trial in NET within the last two years

Our AI finds high-quality experts faster than any human can, ensuring we can support our customers’ time-sensitive projects.

Some of the experts our tech sourced for this customer were:

  • An Assistant Clinical Professor in a Medical Oncology and Therapeutics Research department who has led several clinical trials on improving outcomes for patients with NETs and works closely with scientists in the development of the next generation of novel therapeutics.
  • A Professor of Medicine in a Department of Surgery with a subspecialty in medical oncology who has published 200 scientific papers and is the principal investigator in various clinical trials.


8. Gastroenterologists boost ulcerative colitis project with specialist insights

A life science consultancy asked us to connect them with US-based gastroenterologist KOLs who treat ulcerative colitis (an inflammatory bowel disease) patients to strengthen their market research with specialist insights. 

Unlike traditional panel vendors, our search technology isn’t confined to a database of experts. Instead, it scans the web, reading, and indexing everything it finds, to produce accurate, comprehensive expert profiles. This ensures we always connect our customers with the most relevant experts of today, not yesterday.

 Global business connection concept

Once our AI has uncovered leading experts, we connect them with the companies who seek their knowledge.


We arranged qualitative calls with various KOLs for our customer to gain insights from, including:

  • An Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology who has authored 186 scientific publications on gastroenterology, including 25 papers on colitis, and is listed as an investigator on three clinical trials.
  • A gastroenterologist who is also an editor of a leading medical journal, author of 100 publications, lead investigator on eight ongoing research projects, and Director of Endoscopy at a medical center.


9. Disease pathology KOLs enrich primary market research

A healthcare consultancy conducting market research on behalf of their end client needed us to connect them with US-based KOLs to deepen their understanding of the patient journey, treatment decisions, and pathology path for certain diseases.

The KOLs requested for the project included metabolic disorder specialists, immunologists, neurologists, and hepatologists.

With the criteria in hand, our AI hunted down relevant experts for the customer to gain insights from, such as a:

  • Professor of Clinical Medicine in a Division of Immunology/Allergy at a university medical center who has authored 400 papers, been an investigator on 10 clinical trials, and is Editor-In-Chief of a leading journal.
  • Behavioral Neurologist and Neuroscientist who is also an Assistant Professor of Neurology, author of 100 papers, principal investigator on various clinical trials, and is a member of a neurodegenerative disease research lab.


10. Major depressive disorder KOLs bolster strategy with specialist insights

A strategic consulting firm supporting their end client on a major depressive disorder (MDD) project asked us to organize qualitative interviews with KOLs to bolster their strategy with specialist insights.

The KOLs needed to be US-based, treat/manage more than 20 unique MDD patients in an average month, and have published a peer-reviewed paper within the past five years for MDD.     

Propelled by speed and precision, our search tech found and connected the customer with specialists including a:

  • Professor of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine with 30 years of clinical experience who is actively involved in clinical trials, director of a brain stimulation lab, and author of 120 scientific publications (92 on MDD).
  • Director of the Division of Neurotherapeutics in a hospital’s Department of Psychiatry who also serves as a psychiatrist at an obsessive-compulsive disorder clinic and has authored 168 scientific publications (47 on MDD).


And that brings us to the end of our top 10 most notable expert requests for March 2021! Keep an eye out for the April edition.  

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