Top 10 most notable expert requests for December 2020

Written by Mariama Malang, Associate Project Manager, 11 January 2021

When it comes to our customers, one thing is for certain; they work on the cutting edge of their fields and need to engage with high-quality experts for their primary market research. Discover how they leveraged expert insights to access new markets, make investment decisions, and launch new solutions in our top 10 most notable expert requests for December 2020.


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1. Asset management firm’s investment decision supported by insights from dermatologists and plastic surgeons

An asset management firm underwriting a royalty opportunity on a prescription drug needed to conduct market research to help them decide whether to move forward. As such, they asked us to arrange qualitative interviews and surveys with US-based dermatologists who are active prescribers of the drug.

Furthermore, they also needed to engage with plastic surgeons who work in breast reconstruction.

Leveraging our AI search technology that trawls the web to identify subject matter experts, we connected the customer with relevant, qualified experts, enabling them to get the specialist insights they needed to inform their investment decision.  

Some of the experts the customer gained insights from were:

  • An Associate Program Director of Plastic Surgery at a large healthcare provider who is also a Professor of Surgery and author of over 100 scientific publications, 15 of which focus on breast reconstruction.
  • A dermatologist and geneticist who is also an Associate Professor of Dermatology at a major centre of medical and biological research and teaching, and author of over 70 scientific publications.


2. Specialists shed light on market access for immunology and epilepsy across four Arab states

A global life science consultancy needed to gain insights from subject matter experts who could shed light on their country’s current pricing and market access landscape and outlook for immunology and epilepsy.

The experts needed to be based in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates, and have more than 10 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Unlike traditional expert networks, we’re not limited to a panel of experts or restricted to a database. Our search technology is trained to traverse the internet, sift through billions of data points, and index everything it finds to unearth thought leaders across various fields.


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Our tech’s ability to rapidly source and qualify experts across the globe makes it possible for us to connect our customers with specialists in hard-to-reach markets such as Kuwait and Bahrain.

Following the engagements, the customer gained a better understanding of the immunology and epilepsy market access landscape across the four Arab states.

The experts the customer engaged with included a:

  • Market Access and Governmental Affairs Manager with over 20 years’ experience who has worked at leading pharmaceutical companies.
  • Country Brand Lead with 15 years’ experience in the life sciences industry in diversified therapeutic areas and markets.


3. Payers and endocrinologists assess opportunity for a new product in congenital adrenal hyperplasia 

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is a group of rare genetic disorders limiting hormone production in the adrenal glands, affecting a child's normal growth and development.

A pharmaceutical company asked us to arrange qualitative interviews with US-based payers and endocrinologists to assess the opportunity for a new product in CAH.

The payers had to hold senior titles such as Pharmacy/Medical Director, be part of the formulary decision process within their organization, and be able to illuminate on how new products within endocrinology may be accessed and incorporated into their organization’s formulary in the future.

The endocrinologists had to have been in clinical practice for five to 35 years, see more than five CAH patients a month, and be able to speak at length about the potential use and utility of emerging therapeutic approaches for CAH.

Our AI thrives on precision, ensuring we connected the customer with the exact experts they needed, including a:

  • Pediatric endocrinologist who is also an Associate Medical Director at a care center for CAH and author of 11 scientific publications, 10 of which focus on CAH.
  • Senior Medical Director at a large non-profit healthcare company and integrated delivery network that covers more than 10 million lives.


4. Dairy cow health experts keep consultancy’s project moooving in the right direction

A consultancy needed to connect with dairy cow health experts to help deepen their understanding of technology that’s being developed to monitor dairy cow health and milk quality, and customer needs.

The experts had to be based in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, and New Zealand and have an academic or commercial background.

Dairy cow health isn’t a field we receive requests for often but uncovering experts in niche fields is something our AI specializes in.

Some of the specialists the customer completed interviews with were:

  • An Associate Professor of Applied Animal Biology who is also a director of a dairy education and research center, and author of 113 publications on dairy, cattle, dairy production, and animal production.
  • A Professor of Production Animal Health and Welfare at a leading school of veterinary science who has authored over 235 publications, including papers on dairy cattle, mastitis, and milk.


5. Chief Medical Officers’ and Medical Directors’ insights inform launch of new solution for US health insurers

A genetic services company assessing the appetite for a new solution for health plan providers needed insights from US-based Chief Medical Officers and Medical Directors of mid-sized US health insurers to help inform their decision-making.

Powered by speed, volume, and precision, our AI identified the qualifying experts and created data-backed profiles for them, the experts’ profiles were automatically added to our project portal for the customer to review. Once reviewed, the customer scheduled calls with the experts they wanted to engage with at a click of a button.

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Some of the experts we connected the customer with were a:

  • Chief Medical Officer who is also the chair of a medical advisory committee experienced in pricing and market access, value-based strategy, payer solutions, and more.
  • Vice President of Healthcare Services who is also a clinical consulting pharmacist armed with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


6. Roundtables and DYADs with hematology KOLs fuel consultancy’s market research

One of the benefits of gaining primary insights via subject matter experts is using an engagement format that suits you and your project. For the project below, the customer opted for virtual roundtables and DYADs (two experts on the call) to gain the insights they needed.

A management consultancy firm conducting market research on smoldering multiple myeloma (SMM), a precursor to a rare blood cancer called multiple myeloma, needed to connect with hematology key opinion leaders (KOLs) who could share their expertise on the topic.

The KOLs had to be based in the US, Canada, France, and Germany and participate in roundtables and DYADs with payers. Thanks to technology advancements, getting experts from all over the globe “in the same room” is easier than ever!

The KOLs our tech found for the customer to engage with included a:

  • Hematologist who also holds the positions of Professor at a university hospital, Deputy Head of a myeloma center, and Research Group Head at a myeloma research institution.
  • Hematologist who has been a principal investigator on a phase III multiple myeloma trial contributed to 11 research items on multiple myeloma and published 15 articles on SMM.


7. Single-cell genomic sequencing experts inform VC’s investment decision

A venture capital firm conducting due diligence on a time-sensitive investment opportunity asked us to connect them with subject matter experts to help inform their decision. They needed to engage with principal investigators, globally, who run large academic groups and do substantial amounts of single-cell genomic sequencing.

Powered by the latest machine learning techniques, our tech swiftly identified the precise experts the customer needed to gain insights from to make a sound investment decision.

The experts our AI-sourced for the customer included a:

  • Director of an Ivy League university’s Centre for Genome Analysis with over 25 years of research experience in the academic and private industry.
  • Professor of Genetics who has published over 100 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and is also the Co-Director of a genomic resource laboratory.


8. Lab directors enhance COVID-19 testing project

A healthcare consultancy needed to engage with lab directors located in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain to supplement a strategy they were preparing for a client. The experts needed to be based in hospital settings and be key stakeholders in a hospital's molecular diagnostics capability.

Furthermore, they had to be knowledgeable about COVID-19 testing, be familiar with testing modalities, instruments, and kits, and be involved in the decision-making process for purchasing new systems.

Precision was key for this project, a perfect opportunity for us to put our Semantic Search Engine to work.

Our internal Semantic Search Engine enables us to drill deep and be super specific about the kind of experts our customers are seeking. Including criteria such as location, speciality, field, affiliations, and more.


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The Semantic Search Engine’s ability to drill deep ensures that we source experts who match our customers’ exact criteria.


The hospital lab directors the customer connected with included:

  • A Head of Molecular and Serological Testing who is a specialist in infectious diseases, immunology, and microbiology with over 250 publications to their name.
  • An Associate Professor who heads a virology lab and has published over 115 research items in the past 18 years, of which eight are on COVID-19.


9. Physicians deepen consultancy’s understanding of the fibrosis disease landscape and standard of care

A global strategy consulting firm undertaking market research on fibrosis – the thickening or scarring of tissue – needed to connect with physicians across five specialisms, including nephrologists (kidney doctors) and pulmonologists (respiratory system doctors) to strengthen their strategy.

The physicians had to be based in France and Germany and be able to share insights to help the customer understand the current disease landscape and standard of care for several fibrosis-related indications.

Based on the customer's requirements, our technology sourced the right specialists for the customer to gain insights from, including a:

  • Pulmonologist who has presented at 12 national and two international conferences on fibrosis-related conditions and participated in 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications.
  • Nephrologist with 30 years’ experience who has taken part in four fibrosis-related clinical trials and is also a Professor of Medicine.


10. Paediatric epilepsy KOLs boost market research with specialist insights

A life sciences strategic consultancy conducting market research on pediatric epilepsy asked us to arrange qualitative interviews with US-based KOLs and/or high treaters of rare types of refractory epilepsies to boost their project with expert insights.

Considering that the customer needed experts who specialize in rare types of refractory epilepsies, the Semantic Search Engine came in handy, ensuring we identified and connected the customer with KOLs meeting the project requirements.

Some of the experts the customer conducted qualitative interviews with were a:

  • Professor of Neurology who has been the principal/sub-investigator on six clinical trials and co/authored 232 publications of which 145 focus on the treatment of epilepsy.
  • Director of a pediatric epilepsy center at a children’s hospital who is also a Professor of Neurology and author of over 100 scientific publications on epilepsy.


And there you have it, our top 10 expert requests for December 2020! Now that we’re fully in the swing of things, we have no doubt that January 2021’s edition will be filled with exciting projects to uncover. 


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