Top 10 most notable expert requests for April 2021

Written by Maddie Gouldstone, Associate Project Manager, 14 May 2021

From go-to-market strategies to due diligence and general market research, we connect our customers with various experts to support their projects. Read more to discover our top 10 most notable expert requests for April 2021! 

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1. Expert insights enable agency to create a pitch-perfect marketing proposal 

Many of our customers use expert insights to help them win more proposalsFor instance, a global healthcare communications agency developing a pitch for a marketing campaign asked us to connect them with oncologists to get an edge on their competition. 

The oncologists had to be US-based and experienced in treating patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (mTNBC). 

Using our AI search technology that scours the web to identify the right experts for our customers’ needs, we connected this customer with specialists including: 

  • An Associate Professor who is also the director of a breast medical oncology unit at a cancer medical center, serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Oncology and trials using targeted therapies to treat triple-negative breast cancer. 
  • A Professor of Medicine who is also a program director for breast medical oncology at a cancer center, widely published in the fields of cancer biology, treatment and genetics, and whose clinical practice is focused on cancer risk assessment, cancer prevention and early detection.   


2. Market access experts shed light on infusion pump market 

A management consultancy creating a market access strategy for their end client asked us to connect them with stakeholders knowledgeable on current reimbursement, purchasing and use of infusion pumps across a wide range of countries, including Argentina, the US, Sweden, Canada, Romania, Denmark, and Slovakia.  

They needed to engage with experts such as executives at infusion pump manufacturers/distributors, executives at pharmaceutical companies who have infusion products, and medical device reimbursement experts. 

Because we’re not a traditional panel provider and don’t rely on a fixed database of experts, we can find and connect our customers with infusion pump market stakeholders from Argentina to Slovakia with ease.  

Some of the specialists the customer engaged with were a: 

  • Health Economics and Market Access Manager with over eight years of experience in the healthcare sector with a deep understanding of market access in Spain and Portugal. 
  • Strategic Market Access Manager with over 15 years of experience as a payer and a solid understanding of Danish reimbursement structures between sectors. 

3. Market research on nanoparticles for genetic medicine delivery fueled by specialist insights 

A consulting firm conducting market research on nanoparticles for genetic medicine delivery needed to engage with industry specialists to strengthen their project.  

The experts had to be US-based and: 

  • Have vendor decision-making/management responsibility   
  • Be a mix of R&D and process scientists that are in the process of formulating nanoparticles for the delivery of genetic medicines 
  • Be nucleic acid bioprocessing and formulation-based experts 
  • Hold titles and roles such as scientist, director or VP 

Our AI thrives on specificity and sourced the experts the customer needed to engage with, with pinpoint precision, including:  

  • An Associate Scientific Director who is also a drug product development team lead with over 10 years of experience in formulation, process, and product development for biologics and lipid nanoparticles.   
  • A VP of formulations R&D with in-depth expertise in nucleic product development from pre-clinical to commercialization, supporting biologic products including nonviral nucleic acid-based therapy. 


4. New business pitch enhanced by head and neck cancer healthcare practitioners  

We’ve developed an internal Knowledge Graph that gives us a global, real-time visualization of the knowledge landscape, enabling us to spot which people have the greatest influence in their field and to identify trends and growth areas over time. 

When we receive a request for experts, the Knowledge Graph allows us to rapidly identify the thought leaders in the field and connect them with the businesses who seek their knowledge. 

A healthcare communications agency working on a new business pitch for an oncology drug asked us to source them US-based radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and nurse navigators that treat patients with head and neck cancers to help supplement their strategy.  

The customer was working on an incredibly tight deadline and needed to engage with the experts the next dayWithin seven and a half hours of kicking off the project, our Knowledge Graph enabled us to find relevant expert profiles for the customer to review and we scheduled calls with the approved experts, ensuring our customer met their pressing deadline.    

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Our Knowledge Graph records the links between experts, institutions, online media, and semantic concepts, giving us a global overview of the knowledge landscape. 


Some of the experts the customer gained insights from were a: 

  • Clinical Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology who has authored over 60 scientific publications and has a specialized clinical practice where most of the patients have head and neck cancer. 
  • Nurse Navigator with over 30 years of experience who works at a cancer center where their primary responsibility is assisting patients and families with access to multimodality treatment for head and neck malignancies. 


5. NASH experts enable venture capital firm to make a smarter investment decision 

Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is a complicated liver disease impacting millions of people globally (it’s the second leading indication for liver transplantation in the United States) but there are currently no approved pharmacological treatments for it. As such, many companies are racing to be the first to crack the untapped market which is estimated to cross US$ 20 billion by 2025. 

A global venture capital firm conducting due diligence on a company’s NASH drug needed experts to analyze and review some data to support their investment decision-making process.  

The specialists had to be US and UK-based, have experience in late-stage industry-sponsored NASH studies and be able to review summarized clinical data and put it into context of competition. 

Using our AI, we found and facilitated qualitative interviews with NASH experts such as: 

  • Professor of Experimental Hepatology who is also a director of a liver research center, runs the metabolic services at a hospital’s liver unit and has been chief investigator in different clinical trials. 
  • An Associate Professor of Medicine who is also a hepatologist and Director of Clinical Research for a gastroenterology and hepatology department, and author/co-author of 86 scientific publications. 


6. Neurologists shape pharmaceutical company’s go-to-market strategy for anti-epileptic drug 

A management consulting firm developing a go-to-market strategy for their pharmaceutical client asked us to facilitate qualitative interviews with US-based neurologists to understand perceptions around clinical message delivery on an anti-epileptic drug. 

We’ve built an internal Semantic Search Engine, enabling the ability to accurately match experts to a request, dig deep within medical fields and drill down into specialisms within therapeutic and disease areas that would be hard to find manually. This gives us the ability to quickly turn around broad and narrow briefs to finding the best, and often undiscovered, experts. 

Powered by our Semantic Search Enginewe found the right experts for the customer to gain insights from including a: 

  • Clinical Associate Professor who is board-certified in child neurology and pediatrics, specializes in the treatment of epilepsyhas authored 80 scientific papers and is a member of the editorial board for many pediatric and neurology journals. 
  • Pediatric Epileptologist and Neurologist who is also an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, has published 113 scientific papers and is center principal investigator for two ongoing trials looking at treatment for epilepsy. 


7. KOLs supplement opportunity analysis with expertise

A life sciences consultancy completing an opportunity analysis for their pharmaceutical client on the treatment landscape for renal cell carcinoma (RCC), the most common type of kidney cancer, needed us to connect them with relevant KOLs to supplement their research.  

The KOLs had to: 

  • Be based in the US, France, Germany, and Italy 
  • Be experts in disease etiology, treatment, and involved in developing novel therapeutics for early-stage RCC 
  • Specialize in areas such as urology, pathology, urologic oncology, diagnostic radiology, and medical oncology 
  • Have authored peer-review publications on RCC 
  • Have been an investigator in clinical trials evaluating treatments for RCC 

Based on the criteria above, we found the relevant experts for the customer to engage with such as a: 

  • Professor of Urology who is also the head of a center for renal tumors, author of 200 papers on RCC treatment and management, member of a national guideline committee on renal cancer, and a high-volume treater of RCC patients. 
  • Professor of Immunology and Medical Oncology who is actively involved in clinical and translational research in tumor immunology and on the editorial board of several international scientific journals. 


8. Marketing strategy enhanced by senior radiology stakeholders 

A healthcare advertising agency needed to gain insights from stakeholders in radiology across Germany and the US to boost a marketing strategy they were devising for their multinational end client.  

The experts had to be heads of radiology departments, both inpatient and outpatient, as well as senior stakeholders within diagnostic imaging centers with a key role in procurement.   

Because our AI searches for experts 24/7 and relevant expert profiles get automatically added to a customer’s tailor-made portal as soon as they’ve been identified, this customer was able to review profiles and arrange expert interviews on the same day they sent their request.  

 A screenshot of's portal

Our custom-built portal enables customers to get a comprehensive overview of all their projects, review profiles and schedule calls, check upcoming connections and much more.  


The experts the customer had qualitative interviews with included a: 

  • Professor and Chairperson of a Radiology Department who is also a medical director of a diagnostic imaging program, author of more than 200 peer-reviewed articles, and the primary decision-maker in procurement. 
  • Head of a Radiology Department who is also a director of an interventional radiology and diagnostic center, on the board of various societies, a member of several professional associations, and the key decision-maker in procurement. 


9. HIV and TB specialists enhance go-to-market strategy 

A strategy consulting firm developing a go-to-market strategy for their end client asked us to connect them with various stakeholders specializing in HIV and TB to support their project. The experts had to be based in the EU5 (the UK, Italy, Spain, France and Germany), India, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda. 

The stakeholders needed to meet criteria such as be: 

  • Ministry of Health or NGO (non-governmental organization) professionals with direct involvement in guidelines, funding decisions, and/or operations of diagnostic testing in infectious diseases 
  • Clinicians actively treating and managing HIV and/or TB patients 
  • Managers of laboratories or facilities actively testing samples for HIV and/or TB 
  • Public health experts/KOLs highly published in TB management with a medical background   

Powered by speed, volume and precision, our AI identified and connected the customer with experts including: 

  • A Global TB Technical Director with 23 years of experience in public health services specializing in TB, HIV/AIDS and other neglected diseases, who’s also experienced in evaluating NGO projects and government schemes at national and subnational levels.   
  • An Associate Professor in a Department of Microbiology whose expertise and research interests lie in antibiotic resistance and tuberculosis and has contributed to 15 publications on TB diagnostics. 


10. Market research on the future of rheumatology informed by KOLs 

A consultancy conducting market research on behalf of a pharmaceutical company needed to engage with KOLs to gain an understanding of the future of rheumatology, including future treatment, unmet need and patient segments. 

The KOLs needed to be: 

  • US and EU5-based  
  • Treating physicians 
  • Published in rheumatology journals 
  • Involved in clinical trials 

Based on the above requirements, our AI found and scheduled qualitative interviews with experts such as a: 

  • Professor of Rheumatology who's also the head of a hospital’s pediatric rheumatology unit, author of 280 papers, investigator on five upcoming clinical trialsand executive committee member and co-founder of a multi-national pediatric rheumatology society. 
  • Professor of Rheumatology and Neuromuscular Disease who is also a consultant rheumatologist at a rheumatic diseases center, author of over 100 papers, and an investigator on five clinical trials. 


That brings us to the end of our top 10 most notable expert requests for April 2021! Join us next month for our May edition.   

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