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15 Nov 2021 - Posted by Ryan Gee’s improved project portal – making expert engagements even easier

Find out about’s upgraded project portal. We’ve added various helpful new features such as sorting, filtering and searching to improve expert engagements. 
28 May 2021 - Posted by Christopher May Knowledge Graph 2.0 – transforming primary market research

Discover the advancements has made to its Knowledge Graph to map the world’s knowledge landscape and deliver primary insights with increased speed, precision, and coverage.  
05 Jan 2021 - Posted by Ryan Gee’s project portal: Expert engagements simplified  

We live in a world where everyday tasks such as banking, ordering food, and booking appointments can be done seamlessly online. Engaging experts for primary insights shouldn't be any different. Long gone are the days of...
14 Aug 2020 - Posted by Martin Wilks

AI-driven approach to feasibility ensures never overpromises or underdelivers

There’s nothing more frustrating than partnering with an expert network that agrees to support you on a project but halfway through they’re unable to deliver the experts they promised. This leaves you in the stressful...
23 Mar 2020 - Posted by Christopher May

How our AI search technology finds experts others can't

In recent years, many companies have jumped on the AI bandwagon, claiming that they use it to solve business needs. We often hear terms like “machine learning”, “AI”, and “deep tech” to support these claims. 
26 Aug 2019 - Posted by Martin Wilks

What the AI? Understanding the difference between AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been hot topics in recent years, but there’s still confusion on what they mean. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different concepts....
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