Private equity firm makes successful investment following expert engagements

Written by Customer Success Team, , 18 September 2020

Discover how a private equity firm conducting due diligence on a new technology used primary insights to inform their investment decision.  

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The challenge

A private equity firm investigating molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) technology partnered with while conducting due diligence. 

They needed to engage with US and EU5-based (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and the UK) experts who could shed light on the technology to help inform their decision to make an investment or not. 

Specifically, experts experienced in: 

  • Developing MIP technology from an academic perspective 
  • Developing products that use MIP technology from a commercial perspective – ideally within life sciences, such as bio-processing, diagnostics, and therapeutics 
  • Assisting third-party organizations (for example, biotech) in implementing MIP technologies within their products or using them in an R&D context 

Some vendors may struggle with this kind of specificity, but our AI search technology relishes it. 


The solution

Unlike other vendors who rely on static panels and closed-loop networks, our AI search technology rapidly finds experts based on specific project requirements with pinpoint precision. 

It sifts through and analyzes billions of online data points worldwide, 24 hours a day, to produce accurate, comprehensive expert profiles at a much higher volume, speed, and accuracy than traditional human search methods. 

This ensures that we identify experts that other vendors can’t and that we connect our customers with the experts of today, not yesterday. 

Powered by advanced machine learning techniques, our AI identified the precise MIP experts the customer needed for their due diligence, ensuring they got the domain-specific insights they sought to inform their decision-making. 


The outcome

Following the expert engagements, the customer got the expert-backed information they needed and made a successful investment in MIP technology. 

The specialists the customer engaged with included: 

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An Executive VP of Business Development with over 25 years of experience in life science, pharma, and biotech industries, experienced in developing the service business for nanoMIPs in sensing, purification, separations, analysis, and diagnostics. 

A Professor of Nanobiotechnology who is also the head of a university molecular imprinting technology research group, and author of a book on molecular imprinting which reviews the present position of the technology and potential future trends.


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