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Top 10 most notable expert requests for March 2020

When it comes to obtaining industry insight, the best people to get it from are the professionals who specialise in the field you’re interested in. And that’s exactly what our customers do daily, reach out to us to connect...

COVID-19 highlights the urgent need to democratise knowledge-sharing

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the lack of consensus on how to ‘flatten the curve’ and manage the spread of the virus with minimum societal or economic disruption has left individual nations adopting a variety of different...

How to win more proposals

As a consultant, you frequently have to prepare proposals to win projects. And because you operate in such a competitive space, it’s vital that you set yourself apart. To achieve this, you need to effectively communicate...

Coronavirus update: Supporting our customers and employees

With so much uncertainty across the world as a result of coronavirus, it’s vital that we all play our part to support each other. So, here’s what we’re doing for you, our customers, and techspertians. 

How our AI search technology finds experts others can't

In recent years, many companies have jumped on the AI bandwagon, claiming that they use it to solve business needs. We often hear terms like “machine learning”, “AI”, and “deep tech” to support these claims. 

From Tuscan hills to Devon:’s 2020 retreat

Every year we go on a company retreat abroad to spend time together outside the office, participate in workshops and have fun! This year we had planned to stuff our faces with pizza, pasta and wine in the majestic hills of...