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CAR T-cell therapy – the next generation in cancer treatment

Chemotherapy, targeted therapies, surgery and radiation have been the pillars of cancer treatment for years but they’re having to make way for the next generation – immunotherapy, with CAR T-cell therapy leading the charge....

Will medical cannabis reach its high?

Not too long ago, a life sciences consultancy asked us to connect them with cannabis industry experts to help them get a better understanding of the extraction process, how cannabis becomes consumable, the legality of...

20 Healthcare tech developments to watch in 2020

Predicting the future is impossible but by keeping your finger on the pulse you can get a pretty good idea of what may lie ahead. Over the past decade, healthcare technology developments have advanced at a rapid rate and...’s 2019 highlights

As the year draws to a close, we thought it would be a great opportunity to look back on what a memorable year 2019 has been for us. Below are some of our top highlights!

A day in the life of a Senior Marketing Manager: Sam Mapungwana

Hi, I’m Samukelisiwe but you can call me Sam. Originally from South Africa, I relocated to Cambridge in 2016 and I’m the Senior Marketing Manager at I’m responsible for developing and implementing the...

Top 10 most notable expert requests for November 2019

We’re not sure how it’s possible, but the expert requests we receive from our customers seem to get more interesting and niche every month. Fortunately, uncommon requests aren’t an issue for our AI technology, allowing us to...