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04 May 2022 - Posted by Megan Evans

Investment firm uses expertise to inform due diligence on recently discovered rare diseases

Discover how an investment firm used expert insights to complete their due diligence with confidence, validate their decision-making and make their next move with certainty.​
07 Mar 2022 - Posted by Megan Evans

Hard-to-find urology experts shed light on complex conditions

Discover how the urology experts we identified for customers helped to inform investment decisions, business pitches, go-to-market strategies and new drug development.  
19 Jan 2022 - Posted by Megan Evans

Real-world expertise inform go-to-market strategy ​

Find out how a professional services firm conducting market research on behalf of a pharmaceutical company used expert engagements to develop a go-to-market strategy.
29 Nov 2021 - Posted by Megan Evans

Oil and gas technology executives fuel green energy project with their expertise

Discover how expert engagements enabled a customer to better understand investment plans in green energy projects and the technology to manage them.
23 Sep 2021 - Posted by Megan Evans

Dermatology expert insights support primary healthcare research

Discover how the dermatology experts our AI sourced for our customers provided key insights in complex areas, from the development of new treatments to healthcare investment decisions. 
11 Aug 2021 - Posted by Megan Evans

On the Pulse August 2021 - healthcare primary market research insights

Stay ahead of the curve with this one-stop snapshot report into the healthcare primary market research landscape.
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