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17 Feb 2022 - Posted by Maddy Clark

Ovarian cancer research sheds light on the challenging emotional patient journey

Find out how a consultancy used primary market research to generate recommendations on how to improve the ovarian cancer patient journey.
04 Oct 2021 - Posted by Maddy Clark

Mining, utilities, and telecoms experts open the door for new business opportunities in clean energy

Find out how the experts we connected a consulting firm with enabled them to identify new business opportunities in clean energy for their end client. 
29 Sep 2021 - Posted by Maddy Clark

Corporate decarbonization project powered by sustainability experts’ insights

Learn how a consulting firm working on a decarbonization project used primary insights gained from sustainability experts to inform the strategic recommendations they were developing for an end client. 
08 Sep 2021 - Posted by Maddy Clark

Private equity firm uses expert insights to inform investment decision in global fire equipment market

Discover how a private equity firm leveragedunique expert insights to better understand the global fire equipment market and inform their investment decision.  
06 Sep 2021 - Posted by Maddy Clark

On the Pulse September 2021 - healthcare primary market research insights

Stay ahead of the curve with this one-stop snapshot report into the healthcare primary market research landscape.
06 Jul 2021 - Posted by Maddy Clark

7-hour turnaround enables ad agency to meet tight deadline

Discover how the speed of our AI-driven search technology helped an ad agency connect with US-based oncologists within just 7 hours of submitting their request!
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